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We provide you with streamlined and quick access. As an experienced 420 clinic, we help you manage your health with the power of cannabis.

Why is a medical marijuana card necessary?

As per the California Law, if you want to use cannabis to manage your health condition, you should have a medical cannabis recommendation. It gives you the legal right to possess, grow, and travel with cannabis. In other words, it gives you legal protection against any possibility of arrest. So, a cannabis card is something that allows you to dive into a soothing cannabis experience that is guaranteed to bring a positive change in your health.

It’s not just the legal access that makes an MMJ card important, there are various advantages that make an indispensable part of your journey towards good health. We understand that people want to get rid of their health issues quickly and that prompts them to use prescription medicines as they promise fast results. But, they come with lots of side-effects that make them harmful in the long run. So, cannabis is effective and offers balanced effects for your body. As a clinic that has helped hundreds of patients, we can help you use cannabis effectively for your health. For the same, we provide you with an easy process to access an MMJ card and get you started with the treatment.

Qualifying Conditions for MMJ Card

Before you get your MMJ Card, it’s important to understand that you need to have a qualifying medical condition. This helps you establish yourself as an eligible patient in the eyes of the law. So, if you have a qualifying condition, the cannabis doctors can provide you with a cannabis recommendation. The list of conditions include Cancer, Anorexia, ChronicPain, Spasticity, AIDS, Cachexia, Severe Nausea, Arthritis, Glaucoma, Migraines, Muscle Spasms (including those associated with multiple sclerosis), seizures (as seen in epilepsy), and any condition that limits the person’s ability to carry normal life activities, if not managed, can cause harm to the physical and mental well-being of the patient. You need to fall into the bracket of these conditions to proceed with the process. The 420 evaluation process starts with a simple prequalification process that requires you to fill an application. It contains your basic details along with information about your health history. This information is important because we want to diagnose your health properly to match you with the best line of treatment. In other words, it helps us in better analysis of your health. Once we go through your details, we link you to a certified cannabis doctor. He or she interacts with you via video call and tries to gain a better understanding of your health.

Next, the doctor asks you some questions to detect the symptoms of your condition and figure out a strain of cannabis that will provide you with relief. As discussed earlier, this process is important to check if you have a qualifying medical condition. Once the doctor confirms it, you are eligible to own a medical cannabis card. We send the digital copy via email and ship the hard copy as per your request. With your recommendation, you can visit the state-certified dispensaries and source your cannabis supply.


Before you undergo a 420 evaluation, it’s important to ensure if the cannabis clinic is genuine. That’s because there are a lot of clinics that take advantage of the online platform and dupe people.

Start with some research and invest your time in finding a list of clinics that are popular in your city or county. A good way to do that is by going through ratings and reviews. There are multiple websites that rate clinics based on their services and customer experience. So, you should keep an eye on these and understand what people have to say about a particular clinic. Along with these, go through their pricing plans and check if they fit your budget. Next, ensure if the clinic has certified and experienced doctors. That’s important because you need to have the right knowledge of cannabis to use it effectively towards your health. So, unless the doctor is experienced, he or she cannot offer the right advice for your health.

In addition, contact the clinic in advance to check if they have a physical address. It is a strong proof that the clinic is not faking its online presence. Request other details like proof of their certifications and past clients. If they fail to do that, it’s a red signal to consider your search elsewhere. So, it’s important that you take care of these pointers before applying for a recommendation.

Benefits of an MMJ Card

Wider Access

With a medical cannabis recommendation, you can access an increased number of state-certified dispensaries. Not only that, but you can also access a wider range of products with higher potency. You are not entitled to the same benefits as a recreational user and there is a limit to what you can access.

Lower Age Limit

Recreational users need to be at least 21 years of age to access cannabis. Well, the same does not hold for cannabis patients and they can access the card if they are 18 years or older. So, by decreasing the age limit, a cannabis card ensures you can the herb to your manage your health issues without any issues.

Legal Protection

With an MMJ card, you can ensure that you’re operating within the legal boundaries of the state. You can possess, grow, and travel with cannabis without the danger of getting arrested. So, a cannabis card ensures your legally protected while accessing cannabis

Higher Possession Limits

With an MMJ card, your limit to possess increases. Recreational users can possess only 1oz of cannabis. Well, as a cannabis cardholder you have the right to use up to 8oz of the cannabis plant material, which is 8 times the limit for recreational users. So, with an enhanced limit, you can ensure a longer duration of supply.

You can save more

A cannabis card ensures you don’t have to pay extra taxes while purchasing cannabis. Medical marijuana cardholders don’t have to pay sales tax that helps them save up to 25% on cannabis expenditure. So, with a recommendation, you can purchase cannabis at a cheaper price that is not heavy on your pocket. In comparison, recreational users have to pay more.

Increased Grow Limit

Recreational users can grow only up to 6 cannabis plants. Well, medical users might need more depending on their condition. So, with a medical cannabis card, you can increase that limit to 100 square feet of cannabis plants and use the produce to manage your health conditions with ease. Cultivating your own plants could never have been easier.


It’s natural that when you’re using cannabis for your health condition, you have might be tempted to grow your own plants. Well, cultivating your own herb brings you closer to a better cannabis experience. It introduces you to a new dimension of cannabis, that you were not aware of. In addition, you can control the growing conditions and guide your plant to grow in a way you want. This helps you keep an active check on the quality and quantity of produce. If you’re planning to grow more from the available limit you have, you will need a grower license.

A grower license helps you grow up to 99 cannabis plants. This is great for patients who need an enhanced amount of cannabis for your condition. With a license, you can cultivate more plants and use them to manage your health issues. It’s important that you cannot sell the produce and it’s only meant for personal use.

So, make sure you take care of these details while accessing your card. Our clinic will ensure you face minimum hassles in the process.


1. Is it necessary to own a medical cannabis card?
If you want to gain legal access to cannabis, having a medical cannabis card is necessary.
2. How do I get a renewal?
In order to get a renewal, you need to contact us 30 days before the card expiry. Our experts guide you through the next process.
3. Is my information secure?
We operate on a HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform that keeps all your data secure and safe. Your privacy is important to us.
4. What happens if I don’t qualify?
If you don’t qualify to get an MMJ card, we refund the full amount without any delay. As a responsible clinic, we assure you that your money is in safe hands.
5. Is cannabis allowed at the workplace?
It largely depends on the employer. They hold the right to fire or reject applicants if they test positive for cannabis use regardless of their recreational or medical status. You might use it but as mentioned that it depends on the employer.


Great clinic! They are highly professional and the doctors helped me get my card without any delay. The clinic also offered me $5 discount ..so I was able to get a good deal.
Brenda Williams

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